Automatic Lawn and Landscape Irrigation

An automatic lawn irrigation system designed and installed by All American Turf Beauty, Inc. will help you attain a beautiful lawn, even during the hottest summer months.

Our lawn irrigation systems feature the highest quality products and installation methods which will allow you to water your lawn easily and effectively, without the hassle of hand watering.

Your satisfaction with any lawn irrigation system will ultimately depend upon three things:

  • The quality of the components
  • The design of the system
  • The quality of installation
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Lawn Irrigation System & Installation

  • Highly trained, experienced, full-time irrigation staff
  • Computer design systems layout to ensure watering accuracy and system quality
  • Top of the line Rain Bird spray heads, valves, controllers, and installation materials
  • No mess installation techniques that minimize disruption of turf area

Drip Irrigation System & Installation for Landscape and Flower Beds

A drip irrigation system is the best and the most efficient way to water your landscaping beds, vegetable garden and container plants. For non-grass areas like these, drip irrigation system is an ideal watering solution that will produce great results while saving you water.

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Irrigation Maintenance and Service Packages

You invested in an irrigation system for the proper watering of your landscape. While the lawn irrigation systems are installed to provide minimal maintenance and automated lawn irrigation, it is important to maintain the system. All American Turf Beauty makes it easy with their comprehensive Irrigation Maintenance program. Routine maintenance and repairs are required to correct component failure and damage.

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What Service is Included in the Annual Lawn Irrigation Maintenance

  • Spring start up and required back flow certification
  • Summer check up to make sure your system is functioning properly
  • Fall winterization — removes water from the system and winterizes components to prevent costly winter damage
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Common Lawn Irrigation System Problems

Prompt lawn irrigation repair prevents loss or damage to landscapes and water. Identifying and correcting the specific problem can prevent additional harmful impacts.

  • Clogged sprinkler
  • Leaking sprinklers and valves
  • Obstructed sprinklers
  • Overspray onto sidewalks, streets, or buildings
  • Design problems
  • Missing nozzles
  • Pipe leaks or breaks
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Our Service Checks Include the Following:

  • Lawn Irrigation system inspections for leaks or failures
  • Routine adjustments and cleaning of sprinkler lawn irrigation heads
  • Adjustments to your lawn irrigation system timer based on seasonal weather patterns and local watering restrictions
  • Preferred customer pricing for sprinkler repair to damaged sprinkler heads and lawn irrigation repair for connecting pipes

Our goal at All American Turf Beauty, Inc. is a simple one: To provide you with the highest quality products and methods available.

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